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First Post!

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This.... will lead to trouble.

Or Ill be proven wrong. Either or. :)

Colonol Dekker:

--- Quote from: nuclear1 on September 12, 2006, 06:07:06 pm ---So long as this doesn't devolve into SquadWar forum Mk. 2, I believe this'll go over nicely. Shiny new forum. :)

--- End quote ---

I liked the squadwar forum  :P

Well this is where I get to stand on the soap box right?
Howdy all, Names Dustdevil... Dusty or DD fer short. Hope to see all ya around soon....As soon as that dag-blam server get's up..

I would love to see Multi get more attention.

I would love to multi get any attention at all.

While fixing up 3.6.9 for the BSG demo I encounter several crash bugs that had been there for months without being reported.


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