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I would like to know how I host and join IP games, because the ip address field in not effecting as when multiplayer is entered it goes into the global multiplayer server, how do direct-ip connections work ?

See the PXO button that is lit up on that screen?

Click it :)

The game will then switch to LAN\IP mode and you'll be able to play.

and hosting ? -startgame ? and does host must set the frequency to "high" ? and what are the client and server bandwidth requirements, for server in terms of bandwidth/player and the additional bandwidth per player for every additional player ?

To host a game you start as normal and then go to create game instead of joining one.

Not sure about the bandwidth requirements. I've never really done much in the way of profiling.

what are game's cpu requirements when hosting ? is it possiblr or recommended to host on a p3 with 256 K upload bandwidth ?
I could run a dedicated server as an alternative to the master server, but the latency is high, so maybe private games with some local people.

in any case I am playin, and you can contact me on 123019430 ICQ, however, having this number is not enough, as all unknown contacts are ignored, to make sure that your messages are received and read, you will have to give me your ICQ # so that I could add it to the "known contacts" and thus this will enable me to read messages from you, as for why, ask the recent ICQ spammers.


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