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Still can't work out multiplayer

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whats the difference between dot9u and dot9?

And one more question how do I get that link to start downloading LOL. It hang there forever.

If you can't get 7.9u to load you can use this one instead.

thanks I'll try that, whats the worst that can happen that I haven't had happen already LOL

Every time I mess it up I end up uninstalling, deleteing and reinstalling FSSCP and FE2, but also every time I do that I learn something new about it.

Well there's nothing in my build that isn't in CVS so if it's crapping out for you the official release will too. Best we should learn now while we can still fix it :)

You got that right.

I installed the download you turned me onto, Freespace still works fine off line all mods work launcher has no errors, but the multiplayer says theres no games, and if I look on that FSNET site theres a squadron training room.

Oh thanks again for the Download link, now mine is nothing but cvs too :).

Like I said a long time ago, even if I never get it working online, its still better than where I was playing online at.


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