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Iron Wolf:
How do I join up? I'm looking for Freespace multiplayer games, and would this help me find some?

What other methods would you reccomend for find FS2 multiplayer games?

stolen from and modified a bit.

How to get Freespace 2 Multiplayer working
      By: MatthewPapa (edited by Turey)
             NOTE: These instructions assume that you have a fresh freespace 2 install. If you have any previous modifications or campaigns installed there is a good chance that this tutorial may not work properly for you.
      1. Firstly go register a multiplayer account here. Be sure to write down/remember your multiplayer account information!!
      2. Download FreeSpace Open here.

      3. Click on Start>All Programs>Games>FreeSpace 2>FreeSpace Open Launcher 5.4. Go to the MOD tab and hit No MOD. You may adjust all the other settings in the launcher to your preference, but be sure and leave networking ON. Click apply when done.
 4. If you are behind a router or firewall you will need to forward port 7808 both UDP and TCP to your computer. It is critical that you do this or other people WILL NOT be able to join or even see your games! They may show up on the site, but people WILL NOT be able to see or join them in the game. Consult your router/firewall documentation for more info on forwarding ports. It will probably look something like this:


5. Open up Freespace 2 via the launcher by clicking run. Tab over to multiplayer on the choose pilot screen and create a new pilot. It is preferrable that the pilot that you create be the same name as your account name that you created earlier (avoids some confusion for new people.)
6. Go to Freespace 2 preferences now and then go to the sub-tab "multi preferences." Select PXO and then type in your multiplayer username and password (the one you registered earlier.)

 You can safely leave the "squadron" field blank.

7. Pilot, you are now qualified to fly FS2NetD! Good luck. Click on the main door to host or join your first multiplayer game!

Extra files that you might need later when you get better:

 Working table files. If you are getting the message "you have hacked tables" then unzip this in the \data\tables\ directory. File.

 Valid multiplayer missions (ones that cound on your score) File1. File2. Voices (optional)

Thanks to MatthewPapa for 99% of this post.

EDIT: Stupid differences in URL tags. Fixed all of them.

Iron Wolf:
Your first link doesn't work.

Does now

Iron Wolf:
Okay, do I need freespace open? Second, the FS open says it's for the retail version. Mine’s downloaded

Sorry if I’m going a bit slow, but I want everything to be perfect.


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