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At the moment we have a few mission designers who want to add voice acting to their missions and campaigns. Voice makes a huge difference to a mission. Making it easier to play (you can concentrate on fighting instead of reading messages) and more immersive. There are a lot of interesting parts available ranging from major characters to one or two line bit parts. You don't need to have had any experience. All the voice actors who featured in Raider Wars were first timers. It really is very easy. All you need is a quiet room, a microphone, and a few minutes spare time.

If you would like to volunteer to help mission designers add voice acting to TBP campaigns please post a message in this thread. You do not need to post your real email address. Mission designers can contact you via personal mail here on HLP. Thank you.

Why the heck not? My english accent isn't THAT good, but I might as well give it a try. Count me in.

Colonol Dekker:
I've recently got hold of a pretty good microphone. So why the heck not ditto! IPA how would you describe my style of natter? Worth bothering  ;7

Sure. I'm sure someone has use for a dickensian cockney pilot.  :nervous:

Colonol Dekker:
Oh really squire? That's right brightened up my day it has, and that ain't no lie.
If someone would like a sample of said natter just write said line in this thread and i'll try it out :)


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