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As you probably know NTV is back and needs new team members. If you want to join, post here. Don't forget to read the notes! :)


2-4 FREDders with good experience and enough spare time to do their job. If you think you're going to be busy due to RL issues either don't apply or limit your assignments according to your spare time.

Not needed at the moment:

1-2 Interface designer(s) able to create an NTF interface and command briefing ANI files. A Main Hall and animated ANIs, though greatly appreciated, aren't a priority now.


Please note that plotline-related discussions and such are very important and all team members are supposed to give their contribute. In order to join you must have a good-to-full knowledge of the FS2 main campaign and of the NTF rebellion in particular.


--- Quote from: karajorma on October 01, 2008, 04:30:48 pm ---Applicants will be given a trial period prior to getting full access to the game. This is to prevent time wasters and those who are only trying to get access (Most of the team have experienced problems with people like that in the past). The length of the trial period will be based on the job being done, how well the applicant works with the team and how much progress is made. Any work made during the trial period will of course be credited if it is used in the final game regardless of whether or not the applicant makes it onto the team, provided the artist in question gives his/her permission.

--- End quote ---

We'll be doing pretty much the same thing with NTV. This time we intend to use trial periods as a way to check volunteers' capabilities and dedication since NTV is not a completely new game(like Diaspora) time wasters might want to get their hands on.

As I said it's "pretty much the same", which means that there are differences. I expect all volunteers to pass the trial period and make it to the team but shouldn't that happen the stuff they made for NTV will be used in the release. The creator will obviously be credited for his achievements. Please take note of this before posting.

This applies to team members like interface, cb_ani and texture creators. FREDders should simply send a sample mission to me and wait. While we may decide to exclude textures and animations from a release pack we can't afford to undo FRED edits of various importance and remove WIP or completed missions.

The missions must be in FSO format and must not use mods. I personally want to check wheter or not a volunteer is able to use advanced SEXPs and other FRED2 Open features, so no missions designed with FRED2 and compatible with Retail FS2 will be valid.

Useless to say that all potential members will have to show interest on the project and partecipate to team discussions and eventually meetings.


For now on there will be a naming convention for sample missions:


Are ass holes like myself allowed in?

Do you want me to be honest with you?


I am honest - giving your sudden inactivity on INFA Internal(and on INFA development in general) I don't know if you can work on NTV and come to something conclusive. You also have ED to think about and as far as I know it's taking precedence over anything else...we'll see later, ok?


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