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So I noticed your project and become intrigued by the whole alternative history scheme. Particularly I'm wondering how you're going to manage the events of the final original NTF missions. I'm talking "Sicilian Defense" to "Endgame" in which Bosch recklessly orders the whole remaining NTF fleet to be destroyed so he can achieve his obscure goal. I don't see the NTF surviving or being victorious with him in charge leading to his own agenda.

My idea to solve this would be to make a splinter faction in NTF high command to attempt to assassinate Bosch in order to save the territorial gains of the rebellion. This could be done while he is on the Iceni with special ops units posing as a GTVA  strike team, perhaps even using captured Vasuldan vessels.(another look at "Rebels and Renegades" perhaps). The idea was inspired by the attempt on Hitlers life during WW2.

I know you probably have the plot outlined already... I'm just sharing my cool idea which could really be a deep storyline element to an alt-history campaign.  Who knows... maybe one day I'll make a small mini-campaign for your mod to resemble it. :D

Anyway I'm posting here just to give you some fuel for thought. If you don't like it and I suck then sorry for wasting your time reading this. :p

A possible attempt to assassinate Bosch is a nice thought, I have to admit it, but I doubt NTV will feature episodes like the ones described in "The Sicilian Defense" or in "Endgame". ;)

NTV is based entirely on canon fact, iirc. not what-ifs or anything.

Though it would be nice if we could use like the HL-6 and stuff like that... crossbow AF-missle  :nervous:

What do you mean? :confused: NTV is a "What if...?" project!

NTV doesn't consist in NTF-related FS2 missions being put together with the player fighting for the NTF. You're not going to play The Sicilian Defense or Endgame as an NTF pilot.

Check the other thread. The NTF isn't necessarily supposed to pwn the GTVA to achieve its objectives. Also, please take note that NTF victories would lead to major changes in the plotline...  :)

The NTF wins, but through truces and cease-fires and mass defections instead of totally killing all GTVA personnel, right?


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