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--- Quote from: General Battuta on November 12, 2010, 05:18:59 pm ---
As the writer and the one who recruited the voice actor, I still think we botched the trailer. Nobody bothered to sync up the audio narration with the scenes it was written for, creating a hilarious cluster**** and then an enormous dead zone. Someone needs to repolish and rerelease it.

It should never have gone out the door in this state.

--- End quote ---

Dear General !

As a non-english-native-speaker, it's not easy for me to understand the voice itself. Hurray for subtitles  :D ! So I don't have noticed the problem.
It's just the general mood of this video I found wonderful...
Now you killed my dream and I'm deceived  :(

I'm now going to  :snipe: me.

General Battuta:
Well Nighteyes' visual work is amazing, so you can enjoy that. I'm just grumpy about the whole thing. And DaddyWarhol's music is also fantastic.

I'm also grumy about the final product, how it was rushed at the end because of stupid reasons... nevermind as long as the final product itself won't be rushed...


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