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Just to show that we're NOT dead (Just had to get a new laptop and it took a while) we'll post a few screenshots of stuff we're working on! Sorry I haven't been around for the last few weeks, life just destroyed me :(

Right now, I have a few different screenshots to post, the first being the Harvesting Beam that will be used by resource collectors. It took a few days to get this right but it looks awesome in game, and if you fly into it, it will jack you up!

The first few pics are simply tests to see if a triangular beam was even feasable or workable, and once it was, the second shows the animated beam. I'll try to get video, but basically particle matter comes from the end of the beam and gets sucked into the emitter.

Second is the beta version of the Warpin effect with a Fenris standing in.

More to come!

The animated effects look pretty close to the originals.

Commander Zane:
Those are some damn righteous collection beams.
The hyperspace ripple is sweet too.

Video of the Hyperspace Ripple!

Commander Zane:
Not bad, all it's missing is the white glow that conforms to the shape of the ship as it goes in and out.


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