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General Battuta:
There is only one thing that has ever completed projects on HLP, and that is a dedicated FREDder - or two - sitting down with the resources he needs and a clear but flexible story, a few good coders and artists available to help out in a pinch, and plowing through everything that needs to be done. Tantalus, Pomposity, Rodo, and a couple others have stepped up to this job whenever they have had time, and for the project to be finished, they simply need more of that dedicated time.

I wanted to be that person but I can't even take care of that for BP the way I used to. Pushing a mod to completion is very nearly a full-time job, and I could only give it my all when I had neither school nor a job to answer to.

*knock* *knock* Anybody here?
We haven't heard from ED for quite some time, is there anything progressing?

General Battuta:
Tantalus has been able to put a more time into missions now that school's out for him. Otherwise no.

The Blue Lions:
can't wait till this is done

Any news, guys? :)


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