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--- Quote from: Dragon on March 24, 2012, 07:24:00 pm ---Any reason for keeping the campaign to yourselves for so long?

--- End quote ---

Well, that's not entirely true as there's still some FREDing to be done, but our main bottleneck is writing and I'm our only "active" writer with English as a first language. I put "active" in quotes because graduate school has left me with little free time over the last several weeks, and I've been using it on things other than ED.

That said, the fact that people are posting here to show interest has given me the kick in the ass I need to get back to work on this, and I'll hammer out some dialog this week. I know that this post violates the time-honored HLP tradition of responding to any and all project status inquiries with "I'm doing this for free and it'll be done whenever I damned well feel like it, **** you very much for asking and I'll delay the release for a month just to spite you", but **** it. :p

Maybe I could help. Sure, I'm from Poland, but I'm also really proficent at English, so I have no problem writing in it (in fact, I prefer English to Polish in some cases, and FS is one of them). I don't really have much time, but I should be able to do some work on ED in the free time I do have. From what you've said, that should double your "writer capablility". I could also do some small, miscalenous things that need doing, but nobody seems to pick them up.

Well, I really wanted to do some stuff but it looks like I'm useless in this project now.


--- Quote from: Dragon on March 25, 2012, 07:06:35 am ---I don't really have much time

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Thanks for the offer, but our team has more than enough people in it, main problem right now is lack of motivation, not manpower.

Well, I do have motivation, it's just school is eating a lot of my free time. It's lightening up though, exams are coming and I'm not taking them this year, so, combined with easter and the assorted holidays, I'll have almost a month off. Not to mention I submitted for testing in ancient history of ED (before it came to HLP). Funny thing, they said they'd soon be ready for beta.  :)


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