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Mr. Wentz!  Hello and welcome!

It's amazing to be able to talk with the guy who has worked on assets for two of my favorite games of all time!

I'm sure the people at and other various descent forums would love to hear that Descent ][ Title mix. :)
I know I did.

I noticed you dropped off my youtube list as well, just hiding under miner wars now? (which people should check out if they haven't already ;x)

As always, awesome work buddy, especially that credit scroll track, holy carp! :D

I tend to agree with battuta though, there are a few bits that seem a little WIPish, especially in the FS2 mainmenu redux, I love the FS1 redux as well <3

I think it's just the big ..brass? instrument at the start of the FS2 mainmenu that unsettles me, everything else is freaking amazing

Deadly in a Shadow:
The Redux version of the Credits....that was memories intensified. Great job.

Shove these into the next releases already!

They are good :yes:


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