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HLPX-COM 2: Electric Shot From Deep One Boogaloo

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Personal log, Commander Roberts.  Callsign "Scotty"
X-COM base "WestLant"
2 September 2040

The Second Alien War is over, and we won it.  Just like the last one.  Just like the next one.  I've put boots on the ground and flown head to head against the first alien menace, and dueled deep beneath the sea to fight the second.  I've taken hits, come back with half the ship I left with, and still gone out time and time again.  Now, at the tender age of 60, I find myself simultaneously the oldest surviving and highest scoring ace since the Second World War.  I've been to the skies and into the seas.  Landed on Mars and plumbed the deepest depths of the darkest oceans.  I've shot down or sunk any kind of alien craft you can care to name, and survived.

But now, it's time to go home.  I'm handing in my commission to spend as many years as I can muster with what family I have left.

Until the next war.


--- Quote from: Madcat on May 27, 2012, 03:51:55 pm ---Mission accomplished! And I even got to clear a room...!

--- End quote ---

You actually took a shot or two on the first level, and everybody shot things (for demolition) in the second, but there was just...very little resistance, in the parts where the primary fighting fell on the infantry. It surprised me a lot. I was expecting Sectoids with Disruptor Pulse Launchers around every corner in the first part, but if I had to guess there were ten or fewer of them on the whole map in reality. The second couldn't have had more than one or two other aliens we didn't actually fight, considering how much of the map we blanketed. So that would mean there were...maybe six or seven of them on the whole map?

And the third, well, we had to go everywhere and we definitely killed everything. At the end after the tanks shot the Hallucinoid in the last room, the game didn't even bother with an alien turn.

We did it men, we kicked their asses again. It... took a lot, getting my spoonzer's to do all this work... But I did it for Earth, and you, my comrades.

And now... I can finally rest...

Sandwich's Personal Log, Date: September 3rd, 2040

Mission accomplished, and I'm going home... and just in time for my 33rd anniversary, too. My wife will be pleased. :)

Gotta buy Spoon a round of drinks - his tanks took the brunt of the final assault, and probably saved most of our lives. Shame we weren't able to get to Mongoose in time... that one will haunt me till the day I die.

General Battuta:
I think it was the relative lack of casualties, unfamiliarity with TFTD, or a general surfeit of tension, but I just couldn't get into this one the way I did the last one.


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