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HLPX-COM 2: Electric Shot From Deep One Boogaloo

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--- Quote from: General Battuta on May 27, 2012, 06:00:28 pm ---I think it was the relative lack of casualties, unfamiliarity with TFTD, or a general surfeit of tension, but I just couldn't get into this one the way I did the last one.

--- End quote ---

Don't really blame you on that. To be honest I felt almost the same way, since I know TFTD so well. This wasn't as much fun for me personally.

Tanks make it too easy. :P

Subject: "z64-555"
Log: 290
Date: [Corrupted Data]

@(*&#^ if the log is (A...+= ay, since my recor[corrupted]. We managed to )(*37 T'leth, and (*& only #^& casul[corrupted]

We're on our way back to )(*#, so hopefully I can fi) &*is blasted thing. It started to malfunction )( @9on as we got near T'leth, possibly due to *$*vy MC activi@!

[Debug Log]
>: set mode
:Recorder mode set to TEXT
>: exit
:Logging out from Debug Console, Goodbye!

<>Ok, it lookz like the text module is ztill working, but damn is it annoying.
<>The recorder module's keyboard is too zmall for MagIon armored glovez.
<>I doubled checked the local prezsure to zee if I could take off my glove to get at the keyboard, but it would be crushed in an inztant.
<>Damn 'esz' key is malfunctioning, too. frak.
<>Anyway, we managed to kick their aszes.
<>I packed as much loot az I could put in my duffel bag before takeoff.
<>Command'z real eager to get uz out of there, ezpecially zince there'z ztill a lot of activity around the zite.
<>The dizrupter tankz performed very well, but az usual, the intakes ztarted to get clogged.
<>We couldn't very well stop to clean it out, zince we had very little time before the baze woke up and overrun our positions.
<>In a final effort, all of the tankz formed up in main control area and targeted the 8 devices and annihilated them.
<>I zaw some interezting ztructures in the area, but again due to time could not persue.
<>Maybe once things cool down, I can get a recovery team out here.

[End Log]

Subject: "z64-555"
Log: 291
Date: September [corrupted]

[Debug Log]
>:Warning! Critical error in sector 473 "Voice Recognition Core"
>:Recording mode has been set to TEXT

<>Ok, I'm back on the transport with all I could carry.
<>Zome of the guys picked up some ztuff too, probably for zuveniers.
<>Well, I guesz... oh frak

[End Log]

Mongoose, this last bottle of tequila is in your memory.  You will be missed, but never forgotten.


--- Quote from: MP-Ryan on May 28, 2012, 11:02:38 pm ---Mongoose, this last bottle of tequila is in your memory.  You will be missed, but never forgotten.

--- End quote ---

May he have sense enough to lie on his psi evaluation, in his next life.  :nervous:


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