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A 次元のエクリプス: Dimensional Eclipse Survey~ (SPOILERS LURK IN STREAMS)

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Same deal with the BP:WiH and WoD polls. I'm curious what people thought~
Kinda grouped them, wish I could put separators D:

13 options, try not to pick any contradictory ones~

Alex Heartnet:
Autoaim is almost necessary for fighters that are this fast and agile.  It would be nearly impossible to hit anything otherwise.

I think capship guns were the #1 complaint, as it is all too easy to accidentally fly into a capship's firing arc and die before you even realize you are being shot up.  Capital ship turrets should certainly be threatening, but you should also at least have time to realize and correct your flying mistake.

Avoid the turrets and you won't get hit, pilot !

I gotta replay it someday for the silly chap2 and bonus fighter.

I found capships in DE to be a mixed bunch.
Smaller ships almost all have insta-kill zones which can be strayed into if you're not too careful, but on the other hand can be neutered or destroyed relatively quickly. Larger ones are pretty much impossible to approach or damage (if you don't have Yaris or Masakaris) without dying.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I flew the Phoenix in pretty much every mission I was able to, and still was not able to figure out the practical effects of the shield settings (even after reading the techroom entry).

I've never noticed there being instant-kill zones. The only ship that has such a thing IMO is the Amaterasu, for which that is everywhere except the safe zones, by intention.
Plasma Flak does not instantly kill you even on Insane, it is rather easy to evade if you see it starting to fire at you. I suspect I'm having a bit of developer bias here...I know how much flak my ship can take, and where to go to get out of the flak turrets FoF, which are pretty much the only thing that can hurt you (aside from AAA beams later on).

Perhaps I didn't make the effect of the different shield types pronounced enough.


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