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Okay, let's have a combined thread for all the things you want to know more about DE.

If you have any burning questions to ask me (or AndrewofDoom), here is where you do it.
Note that answers may be subject to being partially REDACTED. :P

Alternatively, you may ask a character in DE anything.
Note that not all characters may be able to respond to your questions at all times... I must respect their schedules. :P

Erika, please give us your best Nyan~ (Or Nyaa~)

Commander Zane:
Is Meimu's Megan's obsession with money purely coincidental from anyone else with a similar outfit / name? ;)

Legate Damar:
Are the AIs sapient, and do they have legal rights?

Is the Amaterasu actually a cute girl called Amy-chan?


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