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Ashen Wings/ Dimesional Eclipse Problems at mission 15 "Passing Judgement"


So, i do all the mission neat and nicely, but at the very end when i try jump back to funish the mission (alt+j), the screen go black and only the HUD is visible. i can´t leave the mission byu nroal ways so i need fisnish the agme by the task manager.and when i try to continue the campaign i go to the mission 15 and have to do everything again. D:

any solutions?

Legate Damar:
This bug is very common, apparently. Try posting a debug log.

This is the so-far-unsolved hyperspace bug rearing its ugly head.  There's nothing Droid803 can do about it; this is an SCP bug.

If it looks something like this this yes, it is an SCP bug.

It worked! ç___ç
I was using the .14 build to play, but when i used the .13 r8670 it worked wonderfully.
i hope i dont get anymore bugs. D:
But thank you anyway.


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