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FreeSpace Port 3.7 + FSPort Media VPs Release!

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Freespace Port 3.7 + FSPort Media VPs Release
Version 3.7 has been released!  This is less of a major upgrade than 3.6, so I kept the same thread, but it still brings a few significant changes.  Here is the changelog from the readme:

--- Code: ---Updates in 3.7.0:
--Fix MediaVP compatibility by syncing FSPort MediaVP versions
--Update the French translation, thanks to Achille
--Attempt to fix UTF-8 compatibility
--Update the traitor.tbl debriefing text for the Vasudan persona
--Update game_settings.tbl version-specific commenting
--Use distance-ship-subsystem for the "enter the docking bay" directive in Playing Judas
--Don't automatically target turrets when targeting a ship (use FSO flag to restore FS1 behavior)
--- End code ---

Original version 3.6 post below:

We are pleased to present version 3.6 of the FreeSpace Port, and perhaps more importantly, the long-awaited version 4.3 of the FreeSpace Port MediaVPs!

Features include:

* Full compatibility with the MediaVPs 4.3.x series, taking advantage of the reorganization that brings all models and textures under one roof
* Full support for MjnMixael's APNG command briefing animations, remastered cutscenes, and enhanced main halls
* The FSP-MVP music package now includes high-quality music tracks from the original source files (except for a few tracks not included in the 2006 music dump)
* The remastered music is still available, but it is now under the remix package
* NuSSLBeam with effects created by Nyctaeus
* Dozens of reskins for the GTFr Chronos and TAC 1, sourced from an old Galemp model dump, including Bosch Beer, Minute Maid Orange Juice, GTI, radioactive warning, Australia, and more
* Miscellaneous bugfixes
As always FSPort remains retail compatible but optimized for Freespace Open.  If you use FSO, we recommend a recent build such as 19.0 or later.

To install, use the FreeSpace Open Installer or

Updates for the various campaigns on Knossos that use FSPort and the FSPort MVPs will be rolled out over the next few days.

Downloading the MVPs right now, and looking forward to the soon to be released upgrades to campaigns using the FSPort has their root mod. It's definitely a good time for another ST:R playthrough, too.  :yes:

hooray!  :D

Trivial Psychic:
Will a simple copy of the ini file from the original port folder work (with the obvious changes for the prime mediavp folder)?


--- Quote from: Trivial Psychic on August 18, 2020, 05:04:51 pm ---Will a simple copy of the ini file from the original port folder work (with the obvious changes for the prime mediavp folder)?
--- End quote ---

Probably... but it might be better to copy the .vp files and then let the Installer verify them for you.  In the process it'll copy a new mod.ini.


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