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Update 1.2 is out!

This one's been a long time in the making, but here we go: a hundred+ fixes and edits, some new mission events, scripts, dialogue and maybe an easter egg or two hidden around. Two new skyboxes inspired by the MVP version of Capella and Gamma Draconis (ty Nyx for the flame templates many of them are based upon, and for the many nights teaching me how to make stuff with them  :D) and new nebula poofs by FotG are included as well.

Note that FSO 23.3.0-20231211 is necessary to play as the final mission will likely break without it. This should definitively solve the constant breaking of this mission.


Found a progress killing bug in the latest shepherds "fatal prognostication," the ra pods don't launch from the hedetet once the shivans are killed. Tried restarting the mission but no dice

Thank you for the report. The issue's been found, and a patch should be making its way onto Knossos later today  :yes:

Hotfix 1.2.1 out. This fixes the progression bug in mission 8, as well as a couple minor fixes to the initial message triggers.


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