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[Demo Release] Wing Commander Vega Assault

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The demo is comming along. Enyo 1 is finished, Enyo 2 is mostly finished. Still, there is a lot to do:

* Fix bugs in Enyo 2

* Autopilot does not work after the Nav1-Nav2 intermission
* the TCS Shell flies back to Nav 1 after reaching Nav 2
* Zulu attacks on its own and to early
* the planet background image vanishes during the Nav 1 autopilot
* Add mission chatter for the debris field section (Enyo 2)
* Add an entry to shp.tbm for a porcupine mine "ship"
* Implement the mine-laying sequence (Enyo 2)
* Fiddle around with number to make mine-type weapons more usefull/threatening but less annoying
* write debriefing for Enyo 2
* create briefing views for Enyo 1 & 2
* Re-write the command briefing in english
* Create WC1 era briefing icons
* Write some generic pilot personas
* Write persona for Spirit
* Create AI for Spirit
* Create "talking head" anims for Spirit, Col. Halcyon and Paladin (still images only) <- most important! It is mostly a matter of understanding HOW to create .ani files
* Add animations and personas to all messages
* Create the campaign file for the demo (including campaign logic)
* Give Enyo 1 & 2 a final polishing run
A plan to dedicate the sunday for modding and I may be able to get everything done. Depends heavily on how much I get stuck on .ani creation.
I am aware of mjn.mixael's tool chain and tutorial. So far I was not successful in using the toolchain :-(

Demo release! See updated first post.

Admiral Nelson:
Hi Rabenrecht,

I am pleased to see someone finally modding WCSaga.  I have taken the liberty of setting you up with your own mod in Knossos so that your players do not need to resort to a separate download workaround.

The mod is called "Wing Commander Vega Assault", and I have made you an owner of the mod so that you can iterate on it further.  You will see this mod available to you on your "Develop" tab in knossos.  All your files go in a package called core.  This way there is no need to overwrite anything in WC Saga itself.

Install link:

Thank you, Admiral Nelson!  :)

I wasn't very happy with my method of distribution. This is a much better solution  :yes:

I will update the installation instructions in the first post (and on the CIC forums).

I've updated the Knossos link. The mod is now no longer dependent on FS2 retail.


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