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[Demo Release] Wing Commander Vega Assault

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Admiral Nelson:
Some thoughts for you:

I appreciated the old WC ships, music and head anis. These do a great job of setting up the atmosphere. Combat came out good for a demo; see here a small recording of it in 4K:

I did notice that the TCS Shell seems to have some huge value for engine wash; I failed the second mission by flying behind it and being thrown into an asteroid. :) The bitmap used for the laser seems a little hard to see, as you may notice in the video.  There is a lot of talking in your demo which is hard to follow without voice or the use of Axem's message box.  You might want to have a look at Replica Studios for some really high quality TTS to make your demo shine. You can see some Freespace examples using these voices  here and here.

Thank you for the feedback :)

- TCS Shell Engine wash: yep, thats on my ToDo list to fix
- laser bitmaps: do you mean the hardpoint icons? Or the projectiles? In both cases it's the WC Saga base. But I guess changing the projectiles to be slightly bigger and to a brighter more orange-y colore (to match the looks in WC1) could be a good idea.
- Message box, TTS: totally agree that the messages being displayed in the top-left corner is far from ideal. I wasn't aware of Axems message box. But that seems like an immense improvement. I will try to add this to the mod. I will also look into the Replica TTS. The examples sound promising. Thanks for these pointers!

On other notes: there is still something fishy in the mod setup. Starting the mod results in the dreaded "Web cursor bitmap not found" error. I kinda hoped this was just an issue in my machine, but tarus on CIC reported the same.
One thing I will try today is to switch the FOS and WC Saga dependencies around.


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