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Prisoners of War


Rerelease of Prisoners of War mission 1

The mission

Optional Orion name tag.

Ive found out it works best with vanilla fs2. FSO can give it issues with mission outcome.

Alright, here come the complaints...

Mission Briefing:
Stage 1 -
a) Minor spelling error. 'resorces' should be 'resources'
Stage 2 -
a) The icons for Alpha and the Divineus are slightly overlapped.
b) Uh, 149th 'Fleet'?  (Wow, the GTVA sure has a lot of ships... ;) )  Maybe you should bring that number down a bit.

Weapons Loadout:
Perhaps you should add the option for some Mekhu HL-7's.  After all, Beta's default Serapis' can't handle the Subach.

Mission Objectives:
a) You starting mission objective is 'Destror all Fighters.'  (Note that you have a spelling mistake here too.)  I think that objective should be invalid to start with, and become valid when the pirates attack.  You're starting objective should be something like 'Defend the Divineus.'
b) This mission could have so many more mission objectives, primary, secondary, even bonus.  For example, when all your big capital ships arrive, you could have objectives like 'Defend this' and 'Destroy that'.  How about an objective saying 'Defend 3284-1'?.

Many of the wings do not have starting orders.  This makes the pirate attacks, well, uncoordinated.  For example, the Virginia is supposed to be important.  So what?  Nobody's out to destroy her.  You need more pirate bombers to take out friendly capships, then have pirate fighters protect the bombers.  Right now, hte player is not really critical.  Aside from destroying maybe seven hostile beam cannons, I could have sat back and enjoyed the show.

I received the order to return to base before your sole objective completed.  (Note that you really should have a directive show up on the left saying something like 'Return to Base'.)  I think you need to make sure that hostile wings stop jumping in after their capships are destroyed.  Then the objective may complete.

Because the objective did not complete, I never received the mission debriefing for success.  On another note, if the point of the debriefing stage one is to scold Alpha 1 for fleeing the battlefield, it won't work.

I know this is a rerelease of the first mission you ever made, but because it is a rerelease, you should go back and improve it! ;7  I still have the first mission I ever made (back in the days of FS1).  I know I made a good number of changes to it when I converted it to FS2.  I guess what I'm trying to say is: missions become better with age, for time usually yields ideas on how to make them better.

Well, that's all for me.  Please return to your previously scheduled browsing...

i thought i fixed those...

must not be the latest v.

lemme find it...


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