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I'm making my website (not online yet), and I need informations about the campaigns in progress or already finished.
I need the following informations :
- Name of the campaign
- Logo (if any)
- Author(s)
- Number of missions
- Mods included (if any)
- Description of the campaign

All other more information is welcome   , and it's not an obligation for you to reply to this topic  

BTW: Please, not off-topic things...

-Name - Reciprocity
- no logo (yet)
- Authors - Me, plus the staff
- Missions - 30-40 ish
- Mods - 20-odd new ships, 6 new beam types, 5 new misisles, 4 new primaries, new interface art, new backgrounds & command animations, and a new species.
- Description - A fringe rebellion leads the GTVA towards a familiar foe - and a new enemy.Join the SOC taskforce as they investigate the uprising in Antares.

you have the url, for my site, get all the infos there   ( use the banner as a logo if you want)

name-Into the Night
subtitle-The untold battles of Epsilon Pegasi
logo-(in progress)
Authors-Me and my entire staff, see ITN site in sig
Missions-36 Combat, 1 Training (kinda like STV Gauntlet)
MODs-20ish new ships, new missile bays (my favorite), new mission backgrounds
Discription-Takes you from the beginning of the Second Great War, to Capella and beyond.  As a new pilot assigned to the 158th Banshee Squadron, you will have a front row seat watching the constant struggles for peace in the Epsilon Pegasi system.

158th Banshee Squadron  
Into the Night Campaign

Thanks guys, but is there only 3 campaigns ? I don't think so...  


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