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how do i make?

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Hi all,how do i make a beam in the weapons.tbl that split's itself into 5 other beams.Does anyone know how to make that?

Do you mean splitting at the impact point, or splitting when firing?

That's 2 very different things.

Splitting when fireing

Robin Varley:
Errm, i dont think thats possible because the Beams come under primary weapons - if it were a secondary weapon you can use the

$swarm: 5 (check that)

to do it - but beams dont work if you put them in the secondaries section of the tbl file.  You would have to use SEXP's (again!) and get it to do fire beam at five differnt targets.  However if you only want it to look like five beams and therefore only fire at one target, you could draw the texture youself.

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Kudos to you if you can get a primary weapon to use $Swarm PROPERLY.  It's been a real thorn in my side.  The Swarm tag for primaries makes them only fire along the turret normal, so they don't aim at anything....

Otherwise, simply have a SEXP that fires the same beam turret at either multiple targets or (sneakier) different turrets on the far side of the hostile ship.    


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