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Freespace: Tactics - A Tactical RTS Conversion

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Couple of new videos added to the original post since my last update.
Latest one includes the scenario system which I am quite excited about since it improves replayability and extendibility.

Oh that new scenario option looks fantastic! Terrific and impressive work.

Trivial Psychic:
That newest mission was cool, though it's a pity you had to lose an Orion.

Just as an update:
I am still working! I posted some screenshots in the OP since it's a bit tough for me to capture videos lately.
I have rewritten a fair amount of core code to improve speed and error handling. AI finally has its own system; previously I had very basic 'fly to enemy and shoot' logic going on, and thankfully now I have enemy ships making some basic decisions on their own including target prioritization and combat avoidance when odds are poor.

I'm on Discord, feel free to shoot me a message anytime.

Well it looks like i can safely retire from freespace rts modding.


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