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I Can't modify any ship or weapons attributes in Jaded's Mod pack Root.

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  I Can't seem to modify any ship or weapons attributes in Jaded's Mod pack Root. if I change anything in the root it say there are 207 errors when I go to play, and when I try to fly a mission it crashes.  Can some one tell me what I am doing wrong so I can tinker with the ships and weapons in the mods. I have a ton of fun doing that in Retail.  Not sure what is going on. Help would be apprecieated.

Can you try running it in FAST DEBUG? It ought to tell you what kind of errors you're hitting.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by changing things in root. However, a fast-debug log will include what order files are loaded in, and that may tell you useful things. And if it doesn't, it may still tell us things that will help us help you faster



  if I modify anything even a little about any ship or weapon if throughs 270 errors and wont go past launching the first mission.  I want to be able to tinker with the attributes of the ships and the weapons and missions while still being able to use FreespaceOpen and the MVPS in the mod pack.  im not sure why it is having a fit if i edit any thing.  It will let me change the ship i can fly in the mission, for instance switching to the Erinyes, but i can neither seem to add a weapon, or modify a weapon, or ships attributes like speed.

Again, run the Fast Debug build and tell us what kind of errors you're getting. We can't provide any help further than that until you give us more information to work with.


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