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The Zeus has gotten a similar upgrade to match the Loki. Released under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.


I love seeing skilled people on a roll :yes:

Trivial Psychic:
Lookin' spiffy.  So now, ships that are lagging behind include the following:

Ulysses (has received at least one upgrade)
Ursa (has received at least one upgrade)
Argo (never been)
Boadicea (never been)

Bakha (has received one upgrade, but textures are looking blurry by comparison now)
Aten (has been upgraded once, but detail level is being surpassed by other assets)

Mara (I believe it was one of the first to be up-detailed and hasn't been touched since)
Dis (has been already upgraded, but detail is being surpassed by other assets)
SAC 3 (same as Dis)

Uly: Planned but non-critical so far.
Ursa: Mjn is on it.
Argo: BrotherBryon is close to completing nu mesh. I'll finish it.
Boa: Development frozen. I feel no power for this thing. Mesh is ready, mapping is maybe halfway done.
Bakha: TheDagger is working on it.
Aten: New upgrade is complete. Coutresy of Oddgrim.
Mara: New mesh is complete and UVed. Mjn started texturing, but looks like he prefers to handle FS1 terran ships so far.
Dis: No plans.

Re: Mara

I had no ideas how I wanted to texture it when I started and then I forgot about it until this very moment.


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