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Colossus and hatty issues.

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So I recently updated to the latest release of MVPs and I decided it's a long time since I played the base Fs2 campaign so I am playing the FS2blue in Blue planet.

I seem to have come across a few things, though i am unsure if it is a blue planet thing or FSU MVPs.

I am not 100% sure if this should be here or in BP.

So issue 1 is the mission where the repulse rams the colossus I noticed 2 things I hadn't before.
1. The colossus never fires its beams at the repulse, even on repeats of the mission.

2. When the repulse actually rams the colossus, the collision data for the colossus is weird the repulse actually enters the colossus and gets to about the beginning of the engine section before the repulse explodes. Again its the same result on multiple plays of the mission.

I also notice that the hatty will not fire her main beams at all unless its scripted to do so in FRED. I have tried a few tests in FRED, where I have just beam freed the hatty and it will not fire any of the main beams not matter where I posistion the enemy ships. But it will fire if I use sexps command it to fire at targets.

So is there a bug with the hatty's turrets? As I have looked at the pof turret data/fire points and nothing stands our for me.

Not sure about the beams issue. Did you give the hatty an attack order in that test? it might need that, perhaps.

For the clipping issue, it's not a problem with the Collosus. It may also be a retail issue? Not sure. Someone would have to check if the MVPs and retain Orion have the same eyepoint data and bounding box. I expect they do, as I recall this problem being fixed a time or two before

So i went back and played Retail FS2 yeah i know it was weird. in the Mission with Repulse, which i played 5 times. On 2 of the play throughs the Repulse is destroyed by the Colossus beams. the rest the repulse rams the colossus, but each time the repulse is destroyed as soon as it touches the head of the retail colossus model.

Now went back to the FSO/MVP/FS2blue. Each time again the Colossus will not open on the Repulse and each time the repulse ends up going inside the colossus and denotating at the engine section of the Colossus, this is why i thought there was a issue with the MVP ships.

As for the Hatty, i tried all that, even replaced the Turrets1, 2, & 3 with terran turrets and they wouldn't fire, Turret 2 fired briefly when there was a target directly infront of it.

Iain Baker:
The weird ramming issue is a known bug in FSBlue. It’s been like that for a while. Hopefully it will get patched out. There were a few other issues people encountered too. One was with the mission with all the mojlinr sentry guns - it was proving almost impossible to kill the Orion that comes through.

Ah right, so that just leaves the Hatty's main beam turrets issue


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