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Could the command lines for most pleasing light be added to the OP?

Thanks AdmiralRalWood, I actually discovered this last night, but obviously I was asleep whenever you posted.  Here is how I managed to fix it:

Disabling my second monitor, disabling display scaling in the compatability options and switching my resolution both on the desktop and for the game to run at 2560 x 1440 worked just fine for me.  It isn't 4k, but considering it is a 20-year-old engine at this point I am impressed that it runs at 1440p with no issues.


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alas, this is a known issue with resolutions above 1080p that is difficult to diagnose due to HUD coders not having monitors that big

Actually, it is usually possible to create "custom" resolution for monitor, that could be bigger than its real one. At least Nvidia and Intel video drivers have that setting in their control panels. Just note.


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I tried that with the AMD equivalent of that option but it still didn't show the bugged behavior so it's probably an issue with either display scaling or some sort of weird interaction with an actual 4K display.


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Suddenly I realized, that joystick doesn't work in 3.8.0 (while it did in 3.7.2).

I have it detected OK:

But it just don't work. And wxLauncher detects something strange, it shows three devices, while in reality there are two:

But neither of them works in FSO. I could imagine that it may be a problem with wxLauncher, but for 3.7.2 it detects two just fine. I can't distinguish between them, and only one of them works, but it works at least:

Actually, this problem exists with the current master branch too.
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I could imagine that it may be a problem with wxLauncher, but for 3.7.2 it detects two just fine.
It's still most likely a problem with wxLauncher; try again with wxLauncher 0.12.0-rc.2.
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I'm using just that. Strangely, I haven't find a way to see wxLauncher version, but I double-checked the installer file I've used.