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Back after 17 years, and now ?

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If it did, then we can't blame anybody for not noticing, can we?

Ok, it works, I have knossos 0.14.3 and Freespace 2 open V21.2.0  :nod: except that it is a QWERTY configuration and I have an AZERTY. Do you know how I can change this ? Because it the teaching lessons, none of the keyboard keys are corresponding  :rolleyes:

I use a sidewinder force feedback 2, it is recognised by knossos, but it seems the "force feedback" is not activated : I feel the "afterburner" in my joystick but except that no other force  feeling in the joystick

Colonol Dekker:
Press F2, and rebind as needed 👍👍

By the way, it seems that somebody has questionned the title of my message. I have checked my timeline and indeed there is a small mistake : it is not 17 years but...exactly 20 years ago that I played FS and FS2 and Silent Threat ! Yes, I'm back to my first loves ;-)
So I thank all of you that help me to sit back in the seat of my ship.

This qwerty is really ennoying : all keybord keys explained in the training missions are different than on my azerty. I have tried to rebind but there are so much keybord keys that it is now a mess.  :banghead:
Even on my Sidewinder Force Feedback2, I don't know witch function to assignate to the buttons. What a pity, I would loved to play again Freespace 2, like hours and hours spent 20 years ago...


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