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Back after 17 years, and now ?

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You make it sound like your original box version is broken, but that may not be an issue now. If you install Knossos, it will first ask you to point to the folder of your FreeSpace installation. It will then download and set up your FreeSpace 2 Open builds (basically: the modded .exes with the tons of new features implemented by the Source Code Project) and let you download user-made mods as well. These include the aforementioned MediaVPs, which are the graphical updates.

Since you asked about OpenAL: It is mandatory, and I think Knossos instalsl it automatically. If not, just Google OpenAL, click the first result and install it. It takes a minute.

Once you've successfully installed FreeSpace Open (abbreviated FSO) and the MediaVPs (MVPs), then select the MediaVPs as a mod, then click Play. If it launches and you see a non-2000-quality GTF Ulysses in the tech room, then you're good to go.

Trivial Psychic:
WOW! 17 years.  That would have been not long after the introduction of Hardware Transforming and Lighting (HTL for short), which started off the model upgrade craze.  Just don`t expect EVERY model to have been updated since then.  I think the Argo is the last holdout, though it DID get texture upgrades.

Mito [PL]:
There's the Dis and Boadicea.

For the record, you could replay Freespace 1 if you want. You just need to install Freespace Port MediaVPs, which is an adaptation of Freespace 1 to the Freespace Open engine (+ its own set of MediaVPs for a couple things). But instead of Silent Threat, please install and play Silent Threat: Reborn - a very high quality community remake of the expansion.

There's also a topic regarding choosing what to play next: A bit outdated but has a lot of relevance even at this moment.

Hang on a second, back after 17 years? You're fooling no one cicada!  :p

Trivial Psychic:

--- Quote from: Mito [PL] on May 23, 2021, 03:10:10 am ---There's the Dis and Boadicea.
--- End quote ---

Right, forgot about the Boadicea, but the Dis DID get an upgrade.


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