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[Release] FS1 & FS2 Voice Restoration Mods
for the last few days I've been editing and remastering all in-game voices of the two games.
That includes  briefings,de-briefings and radio messages.
All audio has been upsampled  from 22.05KHz to 44.1Khz.

You can listen to it here:
and here:

Downloads via Knossos:

Both these mods replace the stu_fsX.vp file so check compatibility.

Let me know if you have comments or find any bugs.


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Re: [Release] FS1 & FS2 Voice Restoration Mods
I think....
Is an understatement.  Hell of a first post dude.  What's your toolset for the remaster?
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Re: [Release] FS1 & FS2 Voice Restoration Mods
Hi Sorry, for the late reply and thanks for the warm welcome.
It's a bunch of filters and a workflow I've developed to recover those lost frequencies and also to get consistent results over many hundred files.


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Re: [Release] FS1 & FS2 Voice Restoration Mods
Outstanding work. :yes:  Highlighted.