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A New NTV Demo?

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The title is self-explanatory. Would you like to play a short demo of NTV or you prefer to wait for the main campaign, or at least for the first part of the campaign? I want to know what the community thinks about that possibility. I'd be happy if you cast a vote and post a comment to explain the reasons behind your choice. :)


Sorry for the asbence of Snuffleupagus but it wasn't the case to let it(him?) here.  :p

Admiral Nelson:
I'd even just like to see if the patched version of the old demo could be found and cleaned up a bit....

I'm afraid an eventual new demo isn't goign to be anything like the old one. The new NTV campaign doesn't start with the beginning of the rebellion...

Admiral Nelson:
Okay, then I'd still advise a demo / incremental release strategy. :)

I'm also for a demo. I like NTV for being an NTF campaign and now having good FREDders, so I am interested to see what you can do with NTV. Second, everyone likes demos. Plus, it'd be benefitial for all. You show off your work and attract a crowd, while we get to play something.


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