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Hi everybody. Don't know how many of you have played the old cyberpunk flight shooter, G-Police. I've been dreaming of seeing G-Police remade with modern graphics for years. I'm here on this forum today to suggest a mod idea. Is it possible to make a total conversion mod converting Freespace into G-Police? Any modders out there willing to take on a project of this size?

This sounds like a really fun idea, but it would be a massive amount of work.  I would start small.  Instead of a total conversion, try getting one ship into the game and build a mission with that.  Then add another ship and go from there.

Looking at the gameplay videos, there are quite a lot of what we would call "surface missions", which are somewhat rare in FSO mods.  They are certainly possible, but they involve some FRED tricks, and often make heavy use of Lua scripts.

Possible? Absolutely.

Willing? Don't count on that unless you're going to head a team of developers yourself and have some serious skill to back it up with.

As Goobs said, making a Total Conversion is an immense amount of work, and I cannot overstate just how much work has to go into one, which is why they're usually made in large teams or over the course of many, many years.

I am familiar with G-Police. Back in the day I played the demos of both games in the series, though I'm way more familiar with the Colony Wars series (another product of Psygnosis) which I still consider a masterpiece of the PSX Era.

As other community members stated, a G-Police total conversion would require a lot of work by a team of dedicated members and the main challenge nowadays is forming such team. Most active modders, unfortunately, are already quite busy with other WIP projects.

Sigh.. Guess it'll have remain a dream.


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