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Re: Rumor: Blood and Chrome to be released this month
For the "not Valkyrie" shot of those three battlestars, there's a lot of bloom from the nameplates but the foreground one with the extra armour and guns is Galactica. The one in the middle has a nameplate that's even harder to read but from what I can see I'm 90% sure it ends in "-actica". Not really that much of a surprise though as I'm sure they did the same in The Plan but compared with the rest of the trailer the CG looks very ropey.

As far as the show itself goes I'm keeping an open mind.

Re: Rumor: Blood and Chrome to be released this month
It looks like the MK2 has been totally remodeled for B&C (and retextured, and that part is way too obvious to be a retcon), though that's definitely the second, glass-cockpit version of the MK2 from the show and not a new one in the interior shots. My top two guesses for the discrepancy is that they had the live-action glass-cockpit MK2 set, and they needed to match it for the CG shots of the interior, or they decided that since the old CG cockpit was built to stand up to close ups by definition, it was good enough to keep, but they decided to make a new CG exterior because it was also replacing the full-size prop, so it would need to stand up to very close-up shots with actors walking around it and climbing into it.

A preview clip came today, which sheds some light on this issue. It looks like they did use the old cockpit because they kept the prop from the series but, strangely enough, in one shot it uses the canopy frame of the series version of the Viper, but in the shot where the glass gets damaged, the canopy frame matches the B&C Viper. Odd that they'd make a new one, but not use it for all the PoV shots.


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Re: Rumor: Blood and Chrome to be released this month
Frankly, a mark 2 is pretty iconic. Should have left it alone, looks perfect the way it is.
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Re: Rumor: Blood and Chrome to be released this month
Mk II was much wider in appearance in B&C with less canopy framing and looked more metallic than painted for sure.
Ok flick I was disappointed by some of the plot. Some was very cool.
Way too many lens flashes/flares to cover up bad cgi.