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what about interface ?
well there is a large difference between interface quality and in game quality.
I was asking myself if u plane to change the interface ? or if someone is working on it...
I may try some things on my side  but actually "ani" files are a big trouble to me. and i didnt actually really checked tables...

I did that today (from scratch... no textures here. no brush... only toshop and some procedurals effects)

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There is a new UI system that is being added into the engine, but it is still a work in progress.  The engine can now use apng as well instead of ani, and I believe that counts for interface art.  It has been a while since Diaspora released and I do not know if the original team is working on it any longer and if they are, UI is almost surely low on their list of priorities., so if you want to make a higher quality UI you probably have to yourself.

That image looks great to me, btw.


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We're not working on the interface at the moment but if you'd like to we're all happy to give you any help we can.

The new UI system that Cyborg mentions would be a great place to start. I strongly advise looking at this topic
Karajorma's Freespace FAQ. It's almost like asking me yourself.

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thanks for answers ! and for the link ! I'll keep it in a corner.

If my lazyness don't kill my motivation... i MAY do something. (Lazyness is a ***** !)