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19.0.0 build and speech recognition?
Hey folks,

Progressing to next stage... I tried activating speech recognition in the build I just downloaded (19.0.0) via -voicer. I get:
"Failed to set listening for commands" and the game doesn't launch. I had of course configured Speech Recognition on Windows before that.

Is this feature available with this version? Is it still relevant?


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Re: 19.0.0 build and speech recognition?
For those who might be interested, I have set up a VoiceMacro profile for FreeSpace (attached).

Once the comms panel is opened (C or equivalent), you can navigate the menu by speaking digits (Zero to Nine) or using common names and commands, e.g. "Beta" or "Form on my wing". Specific ships have to be designated via digits. It's also recommended to pay attention to wing names in the command menu - "Beta" is predefined to press "2", so if Alpha's gone and Beta is now assigned to digit "1", you won't be calling Beta by speaking its name.

A synthesized voice immediately repeats your commands after you've entered them to confirm that your command is correctly interpreted. I've played through the Great War campaign with it and it works quite well.

To avoid untimely button pressing, I also added "open channel" and "close channel" commands. Other commands will be executed only if the comms channel has been opened. I usually leave the channel opened throughout a mission, but if the synthesized voice is too keen to recognize your grunts, you can close it at any time.

Set up commands:
Zero to Nine
Alpha to Epsilon
All fighters
Requesting support (=rearm/repair)
Destroy my target
Disable my target
Disarm my target
Destroy subsystem
Protect my target
Ignore my target
Form on my wing
Cover me
Engage enemy

Don't forget to train Speech recognition on Windows before using it.

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Re: 19.0.0 build and speech recognition?
I'm sorry that this doesn't seem to have gotten much attention. I would guess that most of us old FS vets are a little too used to actually pressing buttons (muscle memory and whatnot), but personally, I think voice commands are a cool feature.

So thank you for your contribution.  :)
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Re: 19.0.0 build and speech recognition?
I am kind of keyboard-shaped myself, but the need for voice-triggered commands arose when I got that Saitek HOTAS and decided to not have to also rely on a keyboard in-between. Once you get used to it, it's quite immersive and can save precious fractions of seconds when dogfighting (which are otherwise lost by your hotas going haywire  :rolleyes:)