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I recently installed Knossos after being away from Freespace for many years.  Thanks to everyone in the community for all of the Freespace-related development.  Amazing!

I admit to some confusion on my part on what are some pretty basic items and would appreciate help, please.

It is unclear to me how Knossos handles the installation of FSO, because ...

On the one hand, Knossos seems to install it automatically (I can see the "FreespaceOpen" directory on my PC where I told Knossos to put it, and in a sub-directory I can see the "FSO-19.0.0" folder).  However, "FSO" does *not* show up on the "Home" tab in Knossos.  Question #1:  Should it show up there?

On the other hand, FSO is listed as a separate mod on (and it appears to be a newer version there -- "FSO 20.1.0").  Question #2:  What is this version vs. FSO-19.0.0, and what is the latest "stable" version?

The "FSO" mod does NOT show up in the Knossos program under "Explore".  That is confusing.  Question #3:  Should FSO show up in Knossos under "Explore"?

Also, in doing homework via web searches, the FSO mod *does* (or did??) show up as an installed mod under "Home" in Knossos for at least *some* people (see screenshot in this link:  That is even more confusing.

Finally, Question #4:  what does "RC" stand for in terms of "Stable" vs. "RCs" vs "Nightlies"?

Thanks to everyone for their help.

- Spectata


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'FSO' stands for FreeSpace Open. It's the vernacular for the engine that actually runs the retail game and/or mods. FSO is not technically a mod. Engine builds are hidden in Knossos by default. You can change this in your Knossos Settings -> Knossos Dropdown -> Show Engine Builds in Mod List.

I assume what does show on your Home tab is 'Retail FS2'. If you click play on that, it will play it using the latest stable FSO build it has available. Currently the latest stable version is 19.0.0 which you have installed.

If you want to play Freespace2's main campaign with the latest and greatest visuals, search for MediaVPs in the Explore tab and install it. Then play that from the home tab instead of Retail FS2.
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