Author Topic: allowing political discourse in the community was a mistake  (Read 1018 times)

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allowing political discourse in the community was a mistake
I honestly believe the community would be far better off in cutting off and strictly banning all political discussion and content.

All it does is trigger people of opposing sides, divide us, and keep causing dramas with no benefit to whoever whatsoever.

No benefit.

We all came here to share our work and fascination with the amazing game that is Freespace. I hope this is something we can all agree to. Most of us created something, or is creating something, discussing game lore, game events, and overall join in our fascination of the game we love to come back to.

This is what brought us together. Let it be the bonding that keeps the community together.

In my opinion, discussing politics is in clear contrary to this idea. ANY POLITIC (i do not and i refuse to take sides). I believe we can coexist here in our creative revelry without pushing forward our political believes.

I know because I admin for a community for another game that is also rather obscure, we banned all politics there, all these dividing politic discussions ceased, and people respected the rules.

It brings out the worst in people, and I witnessed it back at my place, and here all over again. It brings unnecessary divisions, hatred, and fighting up front. HLP doesn't need ANY of this. Unnecessary drama.
And im quite sure if someone does want to partake in political discourse, there are specialized platforms to do just that.

HLP doesn't need to be that kind of place. I strongly believe it would be far better for it to just cut out the cancer least it consumes us all.

This is my plea to HLP moderators, to users. Every time i come back to the forum, latest posts are always spammed out by some political thread where people fight each other. Things are blowing up both here on forum and on discord right now, and i believe its a good time for a change.

I do feel like it will make the community less toxic and more healthy place to be, and to invite more people to.

Please, consider my suggestion.
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Re: allowing political discourse in the community was a mistake
The only problem I see with this is that it'll just result in people in the community moving to areas outside of HLP's direct control to discuss politics, and things will get even more heated as hostile discussion there ends up resulting in inhibition of campaigns(through in-team infighting) and hostility on HLP's own Discord and forums.


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Re: allowing political discourse in the community was a mistake
Yes, people might make an offsite to talk about politics, then get really heated with each other, then bring the drama back here :nervous:

Re: allowing political discourse in the community was a mistake
I don't mind discussing politics with people I met on HLP, just not in the lunatic asylum that PolDisc is.


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Re: allowing political discourse in the community was a mistake
I don't even discuss politics with family.  I have literally one person that i can discuss politics or religion with.  We don't agree on everything, but we stay respectful of each other's views and learn from each other.
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Re: allowing political discourse in the community was a mistake
This one gets a proactive lock as well; again, to be revisited.
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Re: allowing political discourse in the community was a mistake
(Was in the middle of writing this when Ryan locked it, so I promise I'm not trying to get a last word in!)

My stance on this remains the same as it has been over the past several months: if people do not wish to engage in political discussion, then they are free to keep PolDisc disabled and to not engage in said topics. It's not even a particularly heated place, but if that sort of conversation is not your bag, then I fully understand! (If you want to see a real "lunatic asylum" of politics, check out GenDisc circa 2005 or so. Or rather, don't.) But there are many of us who have been in this community for a long time, who know each other about as well as one can in the context of a forum dedicated to a 20-year-old space game, and who enjoy talking with each other about the Big Important Things that pop up in the real world. Not everyone here is as active on the FS side of things as they may have been in the past, or may be in the future, but they still want to be engaged with the community they love. Discussions like this help that happen, and can help sustain a community during the inevitable lulls in activity that it experiences.

I think the most important thing to reiterate here is that none of the significant issues of the past several months had their root cause in political arguments, or if they were involved were tangential to an underlying issue which would have caused problems regardless. This is not a PolDisc problem.


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Re: allowing political discourse in the community was a mistake
Exactly. I fail to understand why we're getting repeated calls to fix the symptoms rather than the root cause of the problem.
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