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Governor Abbott: Rescind the mask order.
Local Judges: No. I won't do it, it isn't safe.
[Governor Abbott stares at Local Judges for a moment, then Fauci, then back at Local Judges]
Governor Abbott: Safety first, always. I've been saying that for 25 years. That's how long I've been doing this job, 25 years. Is that longer than you, Local Judges?
Local Judges: Yes.
Governor Abbott: Is that much longer?
Local Judges: Yes.
Governor Abbott: See, if I say "it's safe", it's safe. And if the two of you disagree, then you don't have to work here. And you won't. But not just here. You won't work at Dallas, or Houston, or Austin, or San Antonio. You won't work anywhere ever again. I'll see to it. I think you know I will see to it. Rescind the mask order.
Local Judges: [holds out the duty log] I would like you to record your command --
Governor Abbott: [slaps the log out of Local Judges' hands] Rescind the mask order.

[edited because I can't spell Fauci's name right, apparently] 5:57 CST
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**** me, it really is hard to maintain some faith in humanity witnessing the dumbf*ckery of the anti-vaxxers. At this point, I'm doing what I've always done: making sure to keep myself safe by wearing a mask and social distancing.

The good news is this: I just got my second shot of the Moderna vaccine last Friday so I'm finally in the free and clear. (Only side effects were a sore arm for three days and a mild fever that lasted less than a day.) My dad got his second shot all the way back in February and my sister got her shot more than a week ago so my family is all in the clear. In a couple of weeks we're going to have our first family dinner together in a year and a half.

Hope you guys are vaccinated or are on your way there.

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Remember that technically you are not in the clear until 2-3 weeks following the second inoculation. Time for your immunity to be fully established.


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Italy is still lagging behind with vaccines. My parents (~65-70 y.o. age range) will be getting their first shots in middle May. Vaccine booking for me (30 y.o. with non life-threatening pre-existing health issues) should have started next Friday in order to get the first shot by June according to the original vaccine plan, but Lombardy region decided to put it back because reasons.

At work I have to deal with a co-worker who does not want to be vaccinated due to this trombosis bulls**t.
"Err... you smoke 2 cigarette packs a day. You have a SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER (and with a demonstrated correlation) trombosis hazard from that!"
"Yes, but smoking is my own choice!"
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Good for you man.

I’m in France and in the same age category. In all likelihood I won’t be vaccinated before summer or fall.


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My "favourite" reason I've come across for someone not getting the vaccine is they simply can't be bothered. I wonder how many such lazy people there are, that won't go out and get it, but probably would let you if you brought the vaccine to them.


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Just got my first shot today! (merderna)

Arm is a tiny bit sore but that's about it as far as side effects, I took an hour-long nap but that's more due to me doing housecleaning all morning and most of yesterday.
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Got headhunted for a 3 year bomb overwatch contract on HS2 rail project in Central London.  And they offer free covid testing twice a week.  So on going to get myself a free covid test for the first time since this all kicked off as the government will make me wait ages before I'm offered one.   Fingers crossed but I honestly think I've had it and come out rhbither side already based on the variation of my work sites throughout the country and volume of people I've already come into contact with.

I'll update later if anyone's interested.

Please keep us updated Dekker, I'm interested.

My new shot, of the Jansen vaccine, is scheduled next week. I'll only need one dose apperently, so that'll be good.

Fingers crossed.


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Vaccine booking for me (30 y.o. with non life-threatening pre-existing health issues) should have started next Friday in order to get the first shot by June according to the original vaccine plan, but Lombardy region decided to put it back because reasons.
Turned out it was postponed by one day only.

I'll get my first shot next wednesday! :D
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Wow, the US just switched sides in the vaccine patent debate, now fully supports releasing those parents for Covid vaccines. Fingers crossed that the EU follows suit.

I've been jabbed!

So time to look at how the rest of the world is d...


India is not in a really good place atm