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Another Tachyon Mod Released


This time we've got the Visual Enhancements Mod...

This is made up of 2 options to add either basic widescreen and higher resolution
monitor support, or various graphical improvements to your existing Tachyon setup.

Read the included Read Me if you want to know how to install and configure it.
It is NOT compatible with the previous No Environment Effects pack.

I couldn't really get proper dedicated testers besides myself, so as I said on the Tach
Facebook group, don't blame me if your computer erupts in a volcano or starts to spawn
cat girls everywhere.

Enjoy.   (the mod, not the volcano cat girls... )  :p

Are there any HL backups of this mod? It's not available through Fringespace anymore.

HL does not host anything but the forum here.  FringeSpace is still around, we've been giving out the files through our Discord server.
Our web host company after 11 some odd years pitched a fit all of a sudden and deleted our FTP directory, which included all the files on the website download space.
Wasn't an infringement or whatever notice, they just felt we used too much of their space for an unlimited account (yeaaaaah makes so much sense).

In any case, we got a stay of execution long enough to make one final backup of the whole project and site directory, I just haven't had the time to figure out where and reupload everything.
The Tachyon downloads doesn't take up all that much space, probably under 100 MB I guess, but the project files and SVN is a lot of GBs. Bought a NAS expansion just so I could make a RAID backup of it all.
So we've been handing it out over Discord as of late.

Perhaps you might link to your Discord? I don't see an obvious link to it anywhere.

I will make a super obvious sticky thread in this sub forum.


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