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Blast from the past

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I was feeling nostalgic, Googled Tachyon and look what I found!  Found the Facebook page, too. 

Saw the post with the pilot name -> real name reference.  So many memories....

It sounds like it's still possible to play Tach?  I may have to check it out.  Still my favorite game of all time.

I wouldn't mind going a few rounds against an oldy moldie such as yourself.  Need some vets to keep things interesting.

Well i guess i am also one of thos Blast from teh Past guys.
Much like GS there i found this after googling for some tachyon related stuff after i came across my old CD.
Needles to say the poor thing is in such a bad shape that i couldent even install it anymore.

Are there any of us BC and or RG guys left at all.. or IK for that matter and i mean folks like Merlin.

I started  playing Tachyon: the fringe again, missed games like Wing commander and Privateer, best type of games ever, can't wait to check out and test Fringespace ! ;7

Greywolf - BC has a semi active facebook group, they relocated there after the site died.

Royal Guard, not really. Some of them I had contact with, but their site died and they never did anything with it so it got really hard to reach Theabell and the others not on FB.

Thanks for the kind words johnney!


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