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looking for reference pics

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its my first time here so i dont know if im in the right place or not.

Im looking for some reference pics of the ships from Tachyon the Fringe, i need not only the Galspan and Bora ships but also any pirate and other ships.

i need top  side and front views of these ships, google hasnt been much help to me at all, can any one help me?

I doubt google would be as most fan sites are dead at this point.

What's your need for the profile shots? Are you trying to remodel them?
We may be able to do one better.

in part yes i would like to model them, mostly just for my own kicks and practice, but also to use for my own designs that im working on for an OC universe and every thing.

i have OC human Battleship, Destroyer, Carrier, 4 fighters and a starbase/shipyard in the works

alien race 1 has a Destroyer and fighter (working on more)

still have another alien race fleet and neutral/rogue factions like pirates to work on too.

Well whether you realize it or not, collecting what you're asking for is quite a substantial amount of work. Tach doesn't have a model
viewer to take pictures with like FS2. You're pretty much stuck to the in-game camera. Being that we've been at this nearly 7 years,
I know cause we've gone that route too. With the way life is atm, I simply don't have that sort of spare time...


Depending on how you want to do it, I can offer you links to videos of the fighters, which are 360 degree walk arounds in game.
From this you can rewind, ff, etc and look at the side and make your own variations. We made these instead of the traditional modeling
views, which were time consuming to get early on.


I can talk to you about getting the models themselves out of the game, with textures. Depending on what engine you're using, they may
or may not be usable for that application. ie. geometry isn't always the best, it is a 1998 rushed game after all. This is something we've only
just now in the last couple months gotten working. It will not help you with bases or large objects however, due to a bug in the extractor.

The first is the quicker option to what you "want" and you can get started with your own designs.
The second will require a lot more learning, some time, and some tools, but you'll probably get to making missions faster, and is more likely what you "need."

well im not making a mod or any thing, its part of a different project im working on for my OC stuff, im using all kinds of reference that i can find, be it star trek, star wars, babylon 5 etc.

i just want to model the ships and stations mostly, maybe mimic a part here or there.

really any pics i can use for a rotoscope would be awsome, any screenshots or what ever would help, do you know of any in game images that i might be able to use?

i have one top view of the Orion loadout screen, when you pic and arm your ship with weapons, you wouldnt know if i could find pics of that in game files would you?


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