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welcome back ik jester, ik claw

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IK Jester:
hey all great to be back among frienfds this is ik jester and ik claw should be right behind me hit us up we would love to hear form some of those near and dear to us cheers for now

IK Claw:
Hello from oz. Looking around :nervous: Are there any of the old tach gang still around  :pimp: :confused:

Slippster Starpilot:
YO! wazzzupppppp brothas !! The Slippster LIVES!

Saw the FS webpage with all the finished Bora ships! love the 3D viewer built into the webpage, i tried to do something like that myself when i had my website back in 2005...nice work!
id like to download that PAK extractor/ converter what-cha-ma-callit thingy that lets me take the ships out and play with them in a 3D program
is that possible? i have the original Delphy one, but as we all know, it is flawed...

cant wait to fly something again! i still have all my original tach versions from serve to play !

btw i still have EVERYTHING mod wise, ship wise, and map wise  all of DC and Bloodstar and Shadows Lament and all my stuff too ...just FYI...
ALSO- I am offline ( no internet at home) so i cant serve or play the old tach but when i am ill be happy to serve some of the old stuff !

oh and by the way, you will NOT find me on facebook. period end of story. hate FB with a passion.




ello slip...

You know we found Shadow's Lament haunting the Star Citizen forums, she made a new modding site for herself.
I have pretty much everything DC, Blood, SL, and Sonic released.

The extractor still has bugs at this point, or at least 1 which means no caps or bases, and the other isn't really so much of a bug as it just makes
things backward initially. Don't particularly want to release it till those are fixed. It does not have the ability to reimport anything to Tachyon.
We'd probably need the above two things fixed, and a cross comparison of the points found in the files (like eyepoint, thruster point, fire point, etc).
I did some work on that and found some common things but didn't sink any more time into it, as I have to redo all that anyway in FSO.

Slippster Starpilot:
hmm star citizen looks cool....but....i dunno...wait n see when it releases, a big buildup for cash atm it seems...and im offline anyways...sooooo...
back burner it til for the extractor ..sounds cool probs..just checking in and saying Hi...i still have a char in Eve Online but havent played it since 2 years at being bla bla...

Have Fun, Yo Jester! hows things? nice to see the ol crew...


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