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I remember time ago a hosted server (Fringespace) if i can remember...

How can i host a NovaWorld server? Im using the nlexe... for patch the game, then....

Any way for wake up again the server? If the reply is NO, please, can u tell me how can i host a server?


Unfortunately it's a no.

Novalogic moved servers on their side and since Tachyon is basically unsupported they don't bother to tell anyone what/if there is a new lobby address.

It doesn't matter what version or patch right now, as basically the lobby itself is gone.

I've tried to do a little searching, as well as tried to contact people inside Novalogic and haven't been able to find a new lobby IP. I don't know if the lobby wasn't put online again, or I'm looking in the wrong place.

The only way you could play a multiplayer game is to have a Windows XP computer or Virtual Machine run Tachyon in IPX LAN mode and use another service like Kali to act as a lobby. Everyone else would also have to be told of the connection settings for Kali and be running on XP because Vista and later Windows removed the IPX protocol entirely.

It's a lot of virtual hoops to jump through for what amounts to a laggy game. Which is why we haven't hosted one ourselves.

Mmmm thanks anyway.

The lobbyes are: (redirected to nw2) (redirected to nw2)

(Maybe more, i only try these)
But i don't see my own game in my other PC... and yes, i've opened the router ports (2766 UPD/TCP)

EDIT: About IPX: Take a look: (Works, at least can create a IPX host)

Ok the ipx wrapper works... tested.

EDIT: mmm with your NW.CFG file works fine!

What precisely did you do with the IPX wrapper?  Others have tried and not gotten that to work before?

Guess I'll have to update the hosting patch. resolves to


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