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python build

Here's a low engineering python build set up for laser mining, sub-surface deposit (SSD) mining, and surface deposit (SD).  It's not totally optimized for fastest mining possible, but it should be enough to get a feel of the workflow.

If you want to make your own build, here's a spreadsheet that you can use to optimize your loadout for laser mining.  There's some other tabs to help you select the collector controllers, too.

Python is perhaps the best spaceframe to use for the medium pads, since it has a large power distro and the largest usable cargo capacity of any of the medium pad ships.  Its thermals are also pretty decent so you don't have to worry too much about cooking yourself.  Only downside is that its laden jump range is a tad short.

As for the other ships that you have, I don't recommend the T9 for anything other than cargo hauling as its power distro is on the small side and would make mining more of a pain than it should be.  The Conda is another good laser miner, and in fact I have a build as a tritium miner and long distance mining science ship.

Conda miner

And lastly, here's a link to the IMU discord that has other mining nerds in it along with mining related links and schenanigans

Colonol Dekker:
Overall, I'm proficient at getting the basics, right and have dabbled a bit with SSD and core mining. 

What puts me iff is when I've got a modest haul, not even a mega haul.   But NPC's gank me.   🤣   


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