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Elite: Dangerous

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Phantom Hoover:

--- Quote from: The E on December 22, 2014, 01:19:54 am ---So, I just bought this based on its apparent goodness, but having never played any of the Elite games, I have no idea what to expect. Given this community's interest in all things space, what can you guys tell me about it? Any particular good starting tips for getting into the game?

--- End quote ---

if my experience in oolite's anything to go by, learn to a) dock and b) aim

I also bought this game and i'm loving it so far. ya'll should send me a friend invite in-game and maybe we could take down some assasaination missions for the 200k credit rewards. I've even found some nice trading routes. My ign is Smooticus.

I'm surprised it took this long for a thread - I'd been wanting to ask you guys about this one. A few of my EVE friends are playing it.

I, too, noticed how amazing the soundscape is just from some of the videos they've recorded and shown me. Lots of work went into that. Can't say I'm a huge fan of the interface aesthetic, but minor gripe. On the fence about buying it.

Mr. Vega:
Is it as unwelcoming as Eve?

The E:
Not having played EvE, I have no comparison, but I can say that, just going by how the tutorials play, they definitely nailed the feel of flight. Going into FTL especially feels like an EVENT, something huge and enormous, and it's totally sweet.


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