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Tachyon in Windows 8.1?


Hi All - new here. Trying to run Tachyon in Windows 8.1 on my Alienware 15, using an external hard drive (F:) The game doesn't seem to recognise where to look for the disc, is there a way to point it to the F: Drive instead of the customery D: drive?

Any other advise on running in 8.1 would be welcome.



Let me get back home here this afternoon and I can give you a more detailed response.

The game does have some attachment to the registry keys, which the whole thing in install defaults to the c:program files\novalogic\tachyon folder.

My questions would be did you install it to F, or move it to F after the fact? Also is it a vanilla install without the services bay mods?

One person did strip down Tach in the past so it could be run from a usb stick. I don't have specifics though on what all he edited.

The current service bay exe is somewhat unstable due to the IP edit to update the multiplayer lobby. It does have the no cd patch however.

Hi JGZinv - thanks for getting back on this.  I understood some of it :)

I installed it from a disc using the external dvd which is F: when it's attached via one of the usb ports.
It was a vanilla install, there are no mods to it.

I'm sort of hoping the request for it I've posted on GOG for them to add it to their catalogue might solve my problem.... :)

Thanks for the help though mate.


Probably the easiest way of getting it to work would be to do the install to your C drive, apply the no CD patch, then
move the Tachyon folder to the F drive and just run the space.exe from there, or you can make a shortcut to space.exe.

Since you already have it installed to F, you could probably use the no-cd patch against that, just remember to change the
directory it is installing the patch to, to the F folder where you have Tach installed.

Hypothetically, that should work.  Using vanilla tachyon it won't work because the game will seek out the install folder (C:\program files\novalogic\tachyon)
and when it doesn't find it, it'll fail out. It's too old to be smart enough to look in the other directory folder.


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