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THQNORDIC Buys Novalogic

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So Tachyon is now under THQNORDIC and they're looking for pitches for sequels.....

It'd be nice to get the developer band back together, I'd sure love to be able to talk to them more than the brick wall approach
Novalogic had with everything.

Game was just released on GoG  :)  Probably because they decided to do something with the License.
Nordic Games, or THQ-Nordic, as they now call themselves are really one of the few companies actively doing something for their fans. DRM-free releases, actual compatibility patches (Nexus: Jupiter Incident was patched after YYYEEAARS) and new installments in niche-franchises (Aquanox  ;7 )...               Gotta love them.

Maybe they'll issue a compatibility patch for Comanche Gold now that they own Novalogic. Not that said game is in anyway related to Tachyon: The Fringe, but it is one of the most famous of Novalogic's produced games.

They haven't said anything more about any of their Novalogic games since the initial press release, and there might have been one interview I came across, but so far nothing has changed.

Well, I hope they do. I have to use DXGL to play Comanche Gold, and then only in Windowed mode. I got it to work fullscreen ONCE, and never could figure out what settings I used after.


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