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Freelancer review by
German review (auf deutsch)
"I'm not allowed to share the direct links to downloads or the original version. But those articles and the info below should give you a point into the right direction to get a hand on this gem. When you are lucky, you can get/buy an original version on amazon or ebay - but nowadays it is sold expensively overrated and have to be seen as a "collector's" edition. Like an old baseball card. Just for info i have TWO original Disks and the original package and books in my collection. At the moment - a valid value for FL-Original disks is about 80-150 bucks - depends on how "used" and condition of the sale."
So what you have to do in order to play Microsoft Freelancer again / or for the first time?

1. Install Freelancer

Freelancer is official abandonware and inofficial freeware - it can be downloaded on several places for free in the internet. Just type "Freelancer ISO Download" into google and search for the right download link. I'm not allowed to share them directly - yet. But doesn't matter - for my version later you don't need the original anymore.

The technical pre-conditions are limited in the basic game. The maximum native resolution was 1240x1024 (4:3). Nowadays no eye candy to play - see it on screen:

Screensize 50% reduced for forum view

2. Update the original game folder with any HD Widescreen mod for SP Freelancer:
(or a copy of it when you wanna backup the vanilla one)

There are many HD Mods available for Freelancer. Some work better and some less. I like the version from Jeider & Whiskas very much. I modified it a bit for autodetection of screenresolution, here is my HD Widescreen
Mod Version:

Download RizZen's Vanilla FL Widescreen (16:9) HD Mod (original by Whiskas and Jeider)

Download this *.rar - open it and copy the content of the folders to your FL folders. Readme instructions are inside.
Mod Content:
- Official Advanced Widescreen HD Mod v1.1 by Whiskas & Jeider
- RizZen's autodetect edition with SP-savegame for free play without storymode (install readme inside)

Now you can enjoy FL story campaign and single player mods in Widescreen HD resolutions:

Screensize 50% reduced for forum view

[attachment eaten by a Shivan]

Windows 10 OS
On Windows 10 you just need to mount the ISO or use the original FL CD and run all executables and game files with Windows XP SP2 support. (Right click exe files -> compatibility menu).
When Freelancer is started for the first time it may install/activate DirectPlay - this is technically needed to play Freelancer. It won't take long to do those small changes in the windows settings.

How to install?
1. open the ISO
2. start the setup/install/autorun executable
3. follow the install instructions and install the basic freelancer game
4. it is recommended to choose "full installation"
5. When you would like to mod / update your installation you can use freelancer mod manager (freeware) or drop mod folders manually into your game folders to update your versions. It is recommend to make a copy of the original game folder with an edited name in order not to troubleshoot or crash your working installation later. When you make a backup keep in mind that Freelancer uses two folders to store your game files. First is the common game folder that users are used. The second is in the user's data folders under "... \MY GAMES\Freelancer" - it is recommend to backup those folders, too when you make changes to the original Singleplayer version. When you would like to play the other you can start the FL.exe from specific unmodded backup folder - this way you just need to replace the "MY GAMES\Freelancer\..." user's folder, when you switch back to single-player and campaign story mode. Other mods are overwriting this user folder with your server multiplayer IDs. You should keep an eye on them, don`t share them to others - when other people know your ID they can do changes on your accounts. When you loose the files you maybe in danger of loosing entrance to your existent multi-player chars. I will release more information about freelancer multiplayer IDs later on another place of this board.

When you just want to play the Original Freelancer start the setup from the ISO/CD now and if you like enhance it with smaller or bigger mods you wanna play (Widescreen Mod Download is above - introduces higher resolutions and resolution auto detect / screen resize).

The game can be installed on other OS, too. From Win9x up to WinXP/Vista up to Win7,8,8.1 there are more or less easy instructions how to install it all over the web. When you have found a certain solution or having serious issues your free to communicate here. There are even people who managed to install and play it on MAC & Linux OS systems!

Colonol Dekker:
This topic is wonderful as I do own a hardcopy of the original game but it's buried in my loft beneath god knows....

One vote to have it stickied please :yes:

And thank you for taking the time to write this all up.

Also slightly off topic....but on forum topic, I remember seeing freespace ships in freelancer a long time ago.... Was there a mod for it or were they in one of the mega ship packs? 😜.

Commander Zane:

--- Quote from: Colonol Dekker on August 04, 2019, 11:55:52 am ---Also slightly off topic....but on forum topic, I remember seeing freespace ships in freelancer a long time ago.... Was there a mod for it or were they in one of the mega ship packs? 😜.

--- End quote ---
I think the mod was WTS? I still do Discovery once in a blue moon.

What are the options for localisation? - I own a german version and its one of the technically worst localisation jobs I've ever seen (seriously, did they have no director for the VA sessions?)


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